Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sampath nagar and Ramapuram medical projects


Today is our last visit to projects. Two medical centres on the outskirts of Chirala.
One is Ramapuram medical centre which is located in the fishermen area 1km away from the beach.  The medical centre here started in 2005 after the Tsunami  effect.

Around 12 fishermen died and many nets and boats were lost in the Tsunami here in Ramapuram.  Shoshana helped many families here with nets and rice bags.Many N.G.O's and Government extended their help to this area which was only one time but Shoshana wanted to give regular help to the people here with a medical support which is very much needed here.

The nurse working here is Anandakumari. She is a divorcee and she has two boys who has genetic disorders by birth. Shoshana helped one of her sons(Naveen) to get operated on his intestines  in 2008. Lately two weeks back his health deteriorated and he was almost on death bed. Many people are praying for his recovery and by God's grace he is getting better. Ananda was on leave for two weeks and she joined her duties only three days back. We visited Naveen at his home and he is getting better but he seems lonely for staying alone at home all the time. He is so weak that he is unable to walk so we are planning a care taker for him until he gets better and be on his own.

Second project is also a medical centre in Sampath nagar, Chirala. This was mainly started to give  medical support to a tribal community. The nurse working here is Maheswari.. The centre here was stared in 2003. The area here was backward and away from the town when we started and now it is slowly developing. Martha gave suggestions to the nurse regarding the betterment of her work and also for the renovation of the centre for having a  better impression of the people who get help here.

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