Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lohiyapuram and Epurupalem Medical Centers


Yesterday we visited two medical centers around Chirala. One is at Lohiyapuram towards Ongole and one is at Epurupalem towards Bapatla. Two areas belong to weavers community.  Majority of the people here do their traditional occupation from several generations.
Some have their own weaving Equipment and some work for a company who pays them little amount for their work which is not sufficient for their living. Majority of the weavers said that they have no unions to fight for their rights and no proper support from the Government to start their own business so some are going for different work like coolies and some old generation people who are afraid of losing their skill to pass on for future generations are staying back.

Government is allotting special areas for them to build houses instead of staying in rented houses. The Government is building houses and they have to pay back a little amount each month but most of the colonies are on the outskirts of the town. So the people  living there are far away from the town and even away from all the basic facilities.Local Government recently started building roads and giving water supply but still they doesn't have proper medical help.. Some of the local people took initiative to come up to us asking for medical help.We surveyed the area and we felt it is really needy and it would be useful for the people to have a medical help to those who can't afford to buy medicines and to those like old and handicapped people who can't afford to go to the town for even first aid help.

We started our medical support in Epurupalem in 2006 and the nurse working there is Buela Rani. She is a trained nurse with good knowledge about medication and people around her area are very happy with her services.

The Medical centre at Lohiyapuram started in 2008 and the nurse is Mrs. Varadamma. She is a village health worker who goes around the village and gives out medicines and injections. She is very familiar with the area and people there and people don't hesitate to go to her to just talk to her about their problems besides getting medical help. We are very happy with what she is doing their in that area.

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