Friday, February 4, 2011

Pacchala thadiparru medical project


Today we have been to two projects, one medical and one sewing. Medical Project is in a village called Pacchala thadi parru which is 4kms away from Ponnur and 20kms away from Guntur.

It was started recently and located besides  the main road to Guntur. P.T.parru is  more a village and the location of the medical project is in a Christian area. Local people provided their community hall for the medical centre. The area is still very poor and needy and majority of the people are daily workers. There is no near by medical help for them.

Starting a medical centre and providing free medication in that area turned out to be very useful for the people and quite practical. Ponnur is the only near by place where they can get medicines before.

Nurse working in this centre is Sukhaveni. She is a trained nurse and midwife. She improved quite a bit than before, getting along with the patients, treating them and bringing them to the doctor if necessary.

People around the area are very happy with the services and expressed their heart ful gratitude to all the donors of Shoshana.. Martha is also happy with the nurse and advised her to be patient with her people, give some space for the people to open up ,share  their problems and give them counselling  and bring out the real meaning of serving people.

Government people also came to know about our help in that area and they came forward to provide some medicines for the centre from their side sometimes, taking the help of the nurse in some of their medical help programmes and work together with the nurse.

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