Friday, October 9, 2015

Visit to Shoshana Sewing Centre, Pedanandipadu.

New pics from Shoshana Sewing Project Pedanandipadu.

This sewing project started in the year 2003. First it was started in Appapuram village and later moved to Pedanandipadu which is a bigger village. Mrs. Sivakumari is the instructor from the beginning and so far she had more than 110 students. It is still amazing to know that she has still more needy women who are interested to take the free training class.

 Sivakumari has students not only from Pedanandipadu village but from the neighbouring villages. She has 10 students now but more women are interested to learn from the near by village called Anaparthi so she decided to teach them in her weekends either going to Anaparthi or at Pedanandipadu.

All her women are from agricultural background and most of them are school drop outs. They either get married early or they work in fields along with their parents.

This group of women started their training in Aug-15 and they are very happy to have a free class. They are utilizing their opportunity quite well and I hope they will make best use of the training.

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