Thursday, October 8, 2015

Visit to Shoshana sewing centre, Chilakaluripet.

Visit to our newest sewing project in Chilakaluripet.

Kasu Vengalreddy nagar, about 4kms away from Chilakaluripet.
Sewing project started few months back in the month of Jan-15.

Benny kumari is the instructor and she has been working as a tailor in this area for a long time. She has a small group of women  who are interested to learn stitching.  They are housewives with small kids.  These women are interested to get some training with which they could work from home since it is difficult for them to go out for work with their small kids.

Having heard about the support of Shoshana for needy women,she came forward to help the  women in her area who are interested to learn stitching for their self help.

It is a happy bunch of women. They are very eager to work on their own as a group. They have ideas to make different types of products which they could sell. I hope they will definitely make  the best out of their training.

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