Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shoshana Medical Centre, Ramapuram.

Medical support at Fishermen colony, Ramapuram beach.

Fishermen mostly from Tamilnadu and other sourthern parts of India  migrated here for their living. They have been living here for more than 50 yrs. They formed a colony along the beach . Most of them work for boat owners and a very few have their own boats.

 The area is far away from the town so they had not even the basic facilities before.
Fishermen will be on sea for days and the women sell fish in local markets. In 2005 when Tsunami came, many lost their nets , boats,  houses and few died.  Many N.G.O's and Government organsiations started providing basic facilities for them like permanent houses, roads etc.

Shoshana also started a medical centre here with the intention of providing a long term help for them. First aid centre, which helps them to get immediate medical help since they still doesn't have any medical facility here.

Slowly the area is developing because of the beach resorts. Children are going to private schools for better education. Fishermen started their own business.  People are happy that they are getting regular medical support.

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