Friday, October 16, 2015

Visit to Shoshana Medical Centre, Vijayawada.

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Vijayawada.

Shoshana has only one medical project in Vijayawada located in Bhanu nagar area.
The local people who asked for medical help has been asking for support for a long time but since it is a developing city we were thinking of how to help those people.

Finally a church group in Bhanu nagar area  took the responsibility of supporting the medical centre besides Shoshana. .They are doing several social activities like old age pensions, help for students and widows, medical camps etc.

Bhanu nagar is not a real slum but they are many needy people here who migrated from different parts of the state especially towards north east for construction work. Shoshana arranged for a regular medical help with a nurse and free medication to all these needy people.

The nurse is Mrs. Grace Sandhya. She has the experience of working in different private hospitals. She is now working with a chest physician.  This working experience is helping  for her better service in the medical project.

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