Friday, November 14, 2014

Yesterday we again visited some more medical projects around Chirala.
One is in Kadavakuduru village  which around 15 kms away from Chirala town.

Our very first medical project, started in 2000. From then it has been giving medical services to the people of Kadavakuduru. Ofcourse the nurses and place of medical centre changed in between but Shoshana has been supporting the medical centre for the last 13 years.

 Rajakumari is the nurse at the medical project for the past 10 years but lately her daughter Ms.Divya who finished her 3yrs of Nursing course also is taking care of the patients whenever she has free time.
Divya is working in a private cardiac hospital. She has daily access with the doctos so she has more knowledge in dealing with the patients.

We met a patient at the medical project.
Rickshaw puller.50 yrs of age. Met with an accident 5 yrs back and was paralysed. Even lost his mental balance too. His wife and children left him after the incident. His old mother is taking care of him from then. He is totally depended on her for everything. She is a domestic helper and because of her old age she couldn't take care of him. They are not getting any help from the Government.
She asked for help from Shoshana.

We are looking for the possibilities to help him so that he could do his self help. 

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