Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Want to show a few pics from our old students at Shoshana sewing centre, Beach road, Bapatla.
Women from previous batches of tailoring and embroidery classes who finished their class and running their own shop at home.

Usually whenever we go to see our sewing projects, we see that we meet some of the previous students from the class just to find out their situation. Not just giving out the machines after the class but  seeing the women getting independent and supporting their families gives more satisfaction.

 Nagamalleswari, from an agricultural family. Married, housewife. Has two small kids. Husband is a clerk in a small firm. So far she is taking care of the household work but now after having her own tailor shop at home, she is supporting her husband in running their family.

Anitha, also from an agricultural background. Parents are agricultural workers. She finished her 10th and she was helping her mother in their household work.  After the tailoring class, she set up her machine at home and started stitching for the neighbors. Now she is independent and instead of depending on her parents, she is earning her own money.

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