Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shoshana medical centre, Lohiyapuram.

Lohiyapuram is a small area near to Vetapalem village, which is around 10km away from Chirala town.

This area is a combination of three different communities like muslims, weavers and Christians. Shoshana medical project is now located in Vigneswara colony where the majority of people are weavers. Government alloted them free land and start up amount to build permanent houses.

Shoshana started medical support in this area in 2008 after finding out that there is no possible medical help in this area, far away from the town even for first aid help, no medical shop near by and majority are very needy people who can't afford to buy basic medication.

Majority of weavers are workers for some shop owners in town. The materials and other equipment is provided by them and they get weekly payments for the no.of sarees they make.

Shoshana arranged  a regular nurse at this centre with free medication and free blood pressure check ups. Lately we have a no of needy people who are requesting for free blood sugar check ups and medication.

Some of the society members arranged for a blood technician yesterday for diabetic check ups besides the regular medication and our nurse Mrs.Varadhamma helped him in giving out the medication.

This camp turned out to be quite useful for the nurse too to get some suggestions from the medical practioner too for better treatment.

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