Friday, November 21, 2014

Shoshana medical project, Swarna

Last project visit of Martha for this year-2014. We visited Swarna village yesterday and few pics from the Shoshana medical project.

The village - Swarna is surrounded by paddy fields. Main occupation here is agriculture. Both men and women work in fields. Besides most of the people have cattle at home. Selling milk is also one of the occupations.

Medical project is  located in one of the backward areas of Swarna where most people are agricultural labourers. On the outskirts of the village, far away from the  medical shop and hospital and the middle of the village is where all the high caste Hindus live.

Raju, Nurse checking the diabetic patient with a sugar testing kit

People have trust on the nurse and even though he is working at one of the medical centres in Chirala , he is very happy to take care of the needy people in Swarna too.

People here in this area are very happy to have the medical support and besides medication free blood sugar  and B.P check ups are quite helpful for them.

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