Sunday, November 9, 2014

Visit to  Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu village.

Ravanamma, one of the students of our Sewing project at Pedanandipadu village. She is in the present group of women in the Tailoring batch, started in Nov-13.  Batch is about to finish by the end of Dec-14. After finishing the course she will have her own tailor shop.

When ever we start a batch we see that the most needy people get the free class. We collect   their family background and economic  status. In that process we came to know about Ravanamma.

She comes from an agricultural background. She has 2 children. Girls  are in high school.Her husband was a building construction worker. He met with an accident 5years back and was paralysed ,confined to his bed.   From then onwards the entire family burden is on Ravanamma. Being uneducated she is has no other option except working as a coolie. In between she learnt to operate a sewing machine designed to stitch leaf plates.
 Her daughters too are selling vegetables in their off time.

We came to know the story about this family and in order to encourage her husband to do his self help, Shoshana decided to give special help to him.  Shoshana sponsored a Grinder to this family. This could give him an opportunity to work at home and  support his family.
 Presently he is in need of a wheel chair which would help him to move around freely in his house.

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