Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Visit to Shoshana Sewing Projects, Chilakaluripet

Pics from Sewing projects, Chilakaluripet.

Andhra Pradesh is mainly an agricultural state but cultivation has been losing favour as a profession due to increasing cost of  agricultural inputs and relatively low yields so people who are depended mainly  on agriculture are looking for other job options.

The women from the sewing centres are mainly agricultural coolies. Since their work  is seasonal they are in need of other  alternate jobs to meet their household expenses. The main aim of Shoshana  sewing projects is to create employment opportunities for  needy girls and women in backward areas by providing them with Sewing, Painting and Embroidery skills .

Pics from Sugali colony:
The training classes are conducted through out the year held for 3 hours every morning and afternoon. At the end of the training each woman is provided with a sewing machine and  a kit to start their own small business.

Kasu Vengal reddy nagar:

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