Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Visit to Shoshana medical Centre, Rosaiah colony, Chirala.

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Rosaiah colony, Chirala.

Shoshana's Medical help at Rosaiah colony, Chirala. . People here are mostly agricultural workers and domestic helpers.

Lack of sanitary conditions and shortage of clean drinking water affecting the health of most rural areas.

Some of the areas are still affected with problems like malaria and diarrhea.

Ananda kumari  - Nurse 

 The colony is far away from the town. Medicines and medical assistance is not available in this area. Even for first aid help people have to go to Chirala which is 5km away from this area.

Shoshana started providing medical help here with a regular nurse (Ananda kumari )at the centre. She is taking care of the basic medical needs.

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