Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Visit to Shoshana Sewing Centres, Guntur.

Latest pics from our visit

Pics from Shoshana Sewing Centre, Venkatappaiah colony, Guntur.

Martha's first visit to the projects starting with a sewing centre. She did a general supervision of the project and later distribution of Sewing machines and certificates to the students who are going to finish their training program  soon.

The instructor Anitha is a tailor too besides teaching the students. Towards the end of the training program  she is taking in students as apprentice  to work under her supervision so that it would be a practice for them and also earn some money before starting their own business.

The present group of women is ready to leave so in the presence of Martha we distributed sewing machines to them on a small micro credit and also training ceritificates  which would be supporting for them for their future job trails.

The visit was completed on a happy note, the instructor successfully trained the women and they are going to finish their training end of Nov-16. Shoshana provided them with a sewing machine . Happy to see them as independent women already.

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