Monday, January 30, 2012

Visit to our very first medical centre, Kadavakuduru.

Today we visited our medical Centre at Kadavakuduru. Our very first medical centre. Started in 2000 and giving services for the needy people in that area for the past 11 years.

Kadavakuduru is a small village in Prakasam District. Main occupation of the villagers is agriculture. They work all day long in fields under the sun so mainly they come to medical centre for pain pills and vitamins.

Presently the medical centre is located in a fishermen area belonging to a special tribe. In the surrounding area there are two day care centres those who take care of  their children when they are away for work and their medical needs are taken care by the nurse Raja kumari.

The nurse in her leisure time, going around the area to look out for people those who are in need of medical help, like those who are bed ridden and helping some people go to a hospital in town those who are in need of major medical help

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