Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visit to our beach medical projects

Our visit to the beach medical projects located in Sampath nagar and Ramapuram.  Specially started for the fishermen families who are effected during the Tsunami in 2004.   Shoshana, Germany donated fishing nets to the fishermen families and with the intention of helping them for a longer period and knowing that there is no proper medical facility in that area we started  a primary medical care centre with a regular medical help.
Nurse working here is Anandakumari. She recently lost her son Naveen aged 11 yrs. He had birth defects and many friends from Germany sponsored for his operation but inspite of all the efforts he passed away in last March-11.

Our second visit is to the medical centre at Sampath nagar. This area is also close to the sea on the outskirts of Chirala. Needy area for basic medical help. The Nurse Maheswari is taking care of the Centre here.

The people here are mainly agricultural labourers.

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