Friday, January 27, 2012

Karamchedu medical project

Pics from our recent visit to Karamchedu medical project.

Karamchedu is a small village near Chirala.  We specially planned to set up a primary health centre in that village because there is a particular slum area called Ambedkar colony on the outskirts of this village. which is surrounded by waste heaves. Since it is on the end of the village all the waste from the town is dumped in that area.  The tribal people in that area are rearing pigs for their meat and  they are living in a very dirty surroundings with lot of mosquitoes and unclean drinking water.

Inorder to provide the basic medical help we decided to start a medical centre in this area, one year back with Prasanna as the nurse.

Some elders in that area are taking care of the maintenance of the centre with major support given by Shoshana, Germany. People are very happy for the help.

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