Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's visit to Tadiparru medical project

Today myself and Martha had a nice time talking to a lively bunch of women at our Medical Project in Tadiparru.

Tadiparru is a small village in Guntur District. It is on the way to Guntur about 20km away. Mainly an agricultural village. Group of people in that area built a community hall to conduct welfare programs for the needs of the villagers. As a part of it, they applied for medical help in that area which is very much needed.

The nurse working here is Sukhaveni.  She is native of this area and she is quite familiar with the people. People are quite confident with her treatment and she is friendly towards them. 
Presently there is no case of special problem, general medication is needed specially for body pains, cold and cough.

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