Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pics from fishermen villageRamapuram, Chirala.

Regular medical help started in  this area specially with the intention of helping the fisher community who lost their property and lives during the Tsunami time.

The area is away from the town so there is no place where they get medical help until we started the medical centre.  Lately Government also started conducting medical camps since  Chikun gunya fevers are very much spread over the area.

Mrs.Anandakumari is taking care of the medical centre. She has been working in this area from the beginning since it is started in 2005.
 Fishing is the main occupation here. Some have their own boats, bring their stuff to the local fish market and some work for people who export stuff to Chennai and Hyderabad.

Many friends knew her son, Naveen who got medical help from Shoshana for his health problem , born with genetic disorder. He was operated in Chennai for the correction of his problem but unfortunately he died last year. She has one more son who is in his 9th grade.

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