Saturday, February 4, 2012

Third tailoring project in Guntur.

Picture details  of our recent visit to Guntur sewing projects.
First is the sewing project at Venkataramana colony, Guntur. Anitha is the tailoring instructor at this project and she is the youngest of all our instructors and one of the best.

She was a child labour as a kid. She lost her father at a very young age. Her mother was the one who took up the responsiblity of a big family. She couldn't afford to send all the children to school so two of them had to do some work to support her mother. Anitha was sent to Singapore to work as a domestic helper. She worked there for a few years. Meanwhile she had no chance to go to school.  After coming back from Singapore she learnt tailoring and other handicraft work which is now very useful for her self help.

Anitha along with her students is working as group in selling the products made my them and also taking orders from outside sharing the profit among the group which is very useful for the women who are actually working as coolies for their living.
Since she came from the same financial background ,she has in her mind of helping the needy women who are going through the same financial crisis not just working as an employee from Shoshana.

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