Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our visit to Narasaraopet projects including two sewing and one medical project scattered on three different parts of the town.

Especially the medical project , situated on the outskirts of Narasaraopet town still towards yellamanda village. Area KSP nagar is purposefully selected by the society members to provide medical help where majority of the people are very needy for all kinds of support.

The Nurse Mary working at our Shoshana medical project worked as a volunteer for Government health department before she joined here and she was alloted this area for distribution of medication now and then. She is familiar with the people and their regular health problems. So people here both men and women are quite confident with the treatment given by this nurse and they are quite happy with the regular medical help at our medical project. The nurse has good connections with the government nurses and she is helping them during medical camps organized in this area.

Yesterday she had a patient with leprosy which is somehow rare case these days. She suggested him necessary precautions and she is planning to take him to a famous leprosy unit near to Kottappakonda village where he gets proper care and complete course of treatment.

Next our visit to the sewing projects one at  Shalem nagar and the other at Navodaya nagar. Both started during the last four years time. Pics showing the ladies with their instructors at both the projects.

 Santhamma, the instructor at Shalem nagar is one of the older instructors. She has more experience as a teacher even before started working with Shoshana. She is quite practical and up to date with the samples trying to teach all kinds of readymade patterns to the students which are necessary for their future tailor shops.

 Second sewing project is at Navodayanagar and the instructor is Satyavathi. She started recently in 2010 working with Shoshana but she too has enough experience as a teacher. So far she finished one batch of students. She is slowly learning to organize and train the students according to the standards set by Shoshana which is only for the future benefit of the needy women for their self help. Our aim to to give good training to the women which they could use practically for their success in their betterment of lives.

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