Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Martur medical Project plus on the way

Our visit to Martur medical project especially started in 2005 to provide medical
support to the Granite workers families. Martur is famous for Granite cutting
factories and the people of Adarsh nagar working in those factories have small colonies around
the factories and a few are working as coolies in the near by fields.

Work of the people both men and women in those factories is hard compared to
other jobs. They are easily prone to cuts, breathing problems since they are in dust
most of the time, regular wounds since they work with heavy granite stones like
while crushing the stones to pieces or cutting them in shapes and on top they have
regular body pains.

Having regular medical help around their area turned out to be a great help for them.

We have a new nurse for this area. Her name is Mumtaz. She is a married muslim
lady. She has two years of working experience as a nurse in a private hospital in
Martur. Besides taking care of the medical centre she started going around the
area to get familiar with the people and give out medication to those who are

The nurse Mumtaz got enough suggestions regarding taking good care of the medical project from the society members of Adarsh nagar and from Martha.

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