Friday, April 26, 2024

 Distribution of Sewing Machines - Chenchula colony, Gannavaram.

Shoshana sewing project at Gannavaram for Chenchula community women. There are around 500 families living in this area. Their main occupation is rag picking, fishing, selling plastic stuff, begging etc

Women are illiterates and usually have child marriages. Children never enrolled in school and they go along with their parents for rag picking. In order to give them an alternate living source, Shoshana started sewing project in November-2021 with the intention of giving free sewing classes to women  those who are interested in learning stitching.

So far around 20 women got trained in sewing at our project and each one of them got a sewing machine and a certificate after finishing their training so that they could work in a tailoring shop or at least stitch clothes for their families.

On behalf of all the beneficiaries, I thank all the donors who made it possible in giving a life time opportunity for these women.

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