Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Stories from some of the beneficiaries of Shoshana Projects

Ø  Name: Deepa – Vijayawada


Deepa is a tailor. Her husband used to be an auto driver. 
For the last four years he is not working because of his heart disease. 
He tried to find work but he has no strength to work.  
Deepa runs the family by stitching clothes. 
She has the skill but do not have her own machine. She rents a machine for 50rs per day. 
Sometimes with all her house expenses and her husband’s medical bills, 
she couldn’t pay the rent for the machine regularly so the machine owner took it away.
 Though she is not a student of Shoshana, she approached us for help. 
Knowing her situation we contacted some friends to help her buying a sewing machine. 
Now she is very happy to have her own machine. 
She thanked for giving her an opportunity to be confident and earn her living.

 Ø  Name: Pallavi – Shoshana Sewing Centre, Gannavaram

Pallavi is 30yr old. Stopped studies after her 10th grade.  

Husband is a daily worker and she is working as a helper in a local school earning around 100rs per 

day. She has two children. It is very difficult for them to run the family and sending the children to

 school with the meagre income they are earning.

She joined the free sewing class at Gannavaram in the year 2022 with the aim of becoming 

independent and not depending on her husband for daily expenses.  

After finishing the class, she got a sewing machine. 

She is very happy that Shoshana gave her an   opportunity to fulfill her dream of becoming

independent as well as she could provide better living conditions for her children.


Ø  Name: Subhashini – Shoshana Sewing Centre, Gannavaram

She is an illiterate, working as a daily worker earning around 300 rupees per day. 

Husband is a painter and has 3 Children. She has work only for 10 days a month and 

rest of the month she is out of work.

Her elder son stopped school because the parents couldn’t afford to send all the 

three children to school. He is also assisting his father in painting work. 

She heard about Shoshana sewing centre from a local pastor and joined the class in the year 2022. 

She finished her class and got a sewing machine.

She said it is very helpful for her to find an alternate income source besides her regular work 

and she expressed her happiness that in future she could send all her children to school.

She expressed her special thanks to Mrs.Martha.

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