Wednesday, November 10, 2021

 Shoshana Medical Project - Vijayawada.

Shoshana Medical projects are running continuously even during the peak Covid period for the medical needs of the needy people. All the nurses  gave their services at their capacity despite  having the fear of Covid.

Now that the situations are little better and the medical projects are running normally and are fully   prepared even if there is a rise in the Covid cases. Not only at the medical projects, Shoshana took the  opportunity in distributing protective equipment to the Community health workers who were on duty during the Covid period.

Sharing some pics from Shoshana medical project - Vijayawada

The Nurse Mrs. Sandhya had a paralytic stroke a couple of years back and had partial paralysis. She was maintaining the project with a helper. Now she is able to look after the project again on her own.

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