Monday, November 6, 2017

Visit to Shoshana Sewing Centre, Chilakaluripet

Pics from Shoshana Sewing Project, Chilakaluripet

This sewing project is specially started for tribal women who migrated from the north east parts of Andhra pradesh and settled in sugali colony. They moved here in search of work since Chilakaluripet is a bigger town and there are many companies like tobacco where they could get some  work.

Though it is started for the tribal women in the beginning, it is helping all kinds of women who are  need of help.

Women without income on their own need to depend on men for everything. If men are unemployed too then it is more worse. Providing vocational training to women helps them to either start something on their own or take up a job. Stitching clothes is something which is a never ending job.This they could start immediately after completion of the course and also could work from home.

The sewing project is started mainly to identify women who are interested and who are in need of help ( divorcees, single parents, school drop outs etc)and teach them new skills to generate income and not only teaching, giving them a sewing machine at the end of the course and encourages them to work for their living.

So far Shoshana had more than 140 beneficiaries from this project who finished their training in sewing and embroidery.

There are many such women who finished sewing and embroidery courses from this project and have started their own business at home as a tailor.

Some earn their living by giving tailoring classes to other women.

Besides sewing and embroidery, Shoshana is also encouraging women to learn some handicraft skills.
Handicraft programs provide a space for developing creativity  as well as an environment for women to support other women.

Learning new skills to generate income and there by successfully  selling their products.

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