Monday, March 13, 2017

New Medical Project Inuguration - China ganjam village

Few pics from the inuguration:

First aid help for the backward tribal community at Mahalakshmi colony, China ganjam village. For needy people who are especially fishermen, scavengers, richshaw pullers etc.

There are more than 900 people living in the colony.

Besides the other basic facilities,
absence of primary health care is also felt by the elderly people as they have more need for medication and regular medical help. They have to travel long distance to reach the nearby pharmacy or a clinic.

Colony elders gave part of their community building to use for the medical centre.

 Mrs.Deepthi, the new nurse at the project. Unfortunately she recently lost her husband and left with two kids. Unemployed staying with her parents.

Her mother Mrs.Rajakumari is also a nurse and she has been working with Shoshana for more than 10 years now.

The local society people decided to take Deepthi as a nurse so that she could give regular medical help to the needy people of Mahalakshmi colony as well as help herself  in taking care of her family.

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