Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shoshana Medical Centre, Rosaiah colony, Chirala.

Rosaiah colony is in the outskirts of Chirala town towards the Ramapuram beach.
Its an agricultual area away from the town. Initially the Government alloted land for the poor backward tribal people in this area to build houses and form a colony but slowly all kinds of people from the town also started moving to this area.

Most of the houses in this colony are Government built. Single room houses.People with different occupations like fishermen, rickshaw pullers and agricultural workers.

Shoshana recently started its first aid medical help in this area for the tribal community.

Because of poor sanitation diseases like malarial fevers, diarrhea are more in this area.

The nurse Mrs. Ananda kumari

She has  few patients with high Blood pressure and breathing problems.

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