Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lohiyapuram medical project

Pics from Medical project, Vetapalem.

Medical help at a weaver's colony named Lohiyapuram.
We have the centre at one of the government built houses for the weavers.
Its mainly a weaver's colony. Each house has a weaving equipment and both men and women work as weavers. Its more like daily labour work since majority of them work for a whole sale shop.

People here have a few basic facilities for living but no medical support.First aid help is very much necessary for them since they are far away from the town.

 The nurse Mrs.Varadhamma is taking care of the medical help here. Necessary medicine is available all the time. Except for emergency cases, the nurse is giving basic medical treatment for the people and since the nurse is from the same area it is more easy for the people to utilize the services.

Besides getting medicine people also gather here to spend some time, talk about their problems and its more like a meeting point. Houses are very closely located so all the people in this colony are like a family.

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