Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shoshana medical centre, Vittal nagar, Near Chirala railway station.

Thanks to all the people who are supporting Shoshana for quite a long time. With your continuous support we are able to help so many needy people in different ways.

Here I would like to give the pics of  Shoshana medical centre near Chirala railway station. The Protestant Church in Cleversulzbach/Germany, are supporting this needy Place with their donations.

Its one of the slum areas in Chirala town and people living here are from Tamilnadu  State. One or two families came from Tamil nadu many years back for work and they settled here. They are illiterate people mainly rag pickers. They built temporary huts near the railway station and they clean the rail tracks and collect bones along the track.

These people live besides the cemetery so they also involve in funeral arrangements which gives them some income.
They collect plastic and metal pieces from the waste and sell them. Their living conditions are very bad and they doesn't make any effort to improve their conditions.
 The present condition is even bad, small dark houses, continuous power cuts in this hot weather and people are literally living on roads for their daily activities.

Each family is big with minimum 5 children. Children are their main earning source. Mostly drop outs and  work as rag pickers. Lot of freedom and easily addicted to bad habits. Here we find lot of alchohol and drug addicts , both men and women.
Recently some people started visiting this area and encouraged them with small support like distributing clothes, food materials once in a while. With their request Shoshana opened a medical centre in this area in the year 2010 with regular medical help.  Few friends from Chirala donated money to build a shelter home for them which is also used a church and medical centre for them.

Jayaraju is working as nurse here. He has many years experience as a nurse in different hospitals and here he is happy to take up the solo responsibility of  helping the needy people .It is quite tough dealing with these people but he has the heart to educate them to improve their hygiene besides giving them medical help.

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