Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Instructor Sivakumari in the middle with her morning batch students

Pics of new students of Shoshana Sewing Centre at Pedanandipadu village.


All the women are married and majority are daily workers. All from the same village. They are making out time for the sewing training in between their working hours.
 The instructor Sivakumari  is from the near by village called Appapuram but settled down in Pedanandipadu because of her children's education.
She has been giving tailoring and embroidery course for needy women since 2003 and finished training more than 75 students in 8 batches.
Sivakumari, the first along with her new batch of students in front of the sewing centre           

These women started their training from 1st of this month and they are slowly getting along with the sewing machine and practicing the basics.
Student at the very beginning step making straight lines

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