Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit to Lohiyapuram medical project


I would like to share a few pics from my visit to Lohiyapuram medical project.

It is one of the remote areas where i could see a drastic change in the developmental facilities  of the area from Government and other N.GO's besides Shoshana.

This area is specially alloted to the poor community on the outskirts of Vetapalem Village . In this colony we can see three different religion people who are spread in three colonies. One is weavers colony who are hindus and they come under Saradha and Vigneswara colonies and other colony is Lohiyapuram who has Christians and Muslims.

Weavers have their own weaving Equipment at home and they get all the materials from the shop owners from the town and they are paid certain amount for each saree. It is more like daily worker wages. Christians and Muslims are rickshaw pullers and Agricultural field workers.

When they first came to this area all were living in small huts and even they don't have basic facilities like water, electricity etc and the area is full of snakes.

Medical facilities are far behind. We started the medical support here in 2008 on the request of the local incharge of this area. The local society people are quite capable of getting other facilities from the Government too over the period of time. Ofcourse the people have the same financial postion ,they were able to have permanent houses, water supply and could live in hygienic surroundings.

The Nurse here is Varadhamma. She is single and she is from this area and she has been giving good services to the people here. Especially the old people are very happy they are have a place where they could go and sit for a while and talk to the nurse besides getting medication.

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