Monday, March 7, 2011

Inauguration of new medical project - Karamchedu


Yesterday we opened a new medical centre on the outskirts of  Karamchedu village. I have been telling about this village in my previous blogs.  Quite close to Chirala town. We opened the centre in Ambedkar colony which comes under one of the backward areas which mainly consists of Christian and other tribal community. People living in Government houses and mainly working as field workers and rag pickers.

We ourselves took initiative to give medical support here having seen the need. We had meeting with the village elders. First we thought of opening the centre in the village community hall which is used for village social activities but keeping in view that health centre needs to have its own space and hygiene, the villagers suggested a seperate individual house and they voluntarily gave the house for the centre.  The participation from the villagers for the betterment of the village facilities is really appreciating and it gives us scope to help them more if the local people care for their own area.

Yesterday evening we had the inuguration with a small gathering including the village elders and local pastor. It was late evening since we wanted to have the people participate in the gathering after they come back from their work..

Meeting started off with a small prayer and followed by the introduction of the organization and its work in different parts, introducing the nurse to the villagers and the facilities they get in the health centre. The local representative of Ambedkar colony opened the centre and the president of the tribal colony also participated in the meeting. Both are women. Our organization is also mainly women based project it is quite co- incindental that both the heads from this area including the nurse are women.They made annoucements among their groups regarding the medical support and they thanked the whole team of CDS- Shoshana for noticing the need in their area and for taking care of their village.

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