Monday, September 23, 2013

Meeting Grace Jeevan Society members who applied for Medical help at Bhanunagar, Vijayawada.

GJS is started in the year 2002. From 2005 onwards with the support from the local Pentecostal church, the members are doing different social activities like providing educational support to needy students, educational awareness campaigns, Medical camps with team of doctors etc.

GJS president, Mr.G.Nathaniel invited us to visit their area to find out about the possibilities of opening a medical centre in their area.  The area called Gulabithota is a slum in the middle of the city containing about 15000 people.

Medical support is not at the reach of these people. Due to poor hygienic conditions and  lack of facilities, they are more prone to diseases.

 The society members requested for medical centre where they could atleast get first aid help.
 The president Mr.Nathaniel is also a pastor besides working as an accountant,so he is familiar with the church people and the people around his area.  He could convince the people to participate in supporting the medical centre once it is started.

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