Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pics from our visit from our very first Sewing project in Guntur. Presently it is located in Rajiv Gandhi nagar, Guntur.

 Training needy women in tailoring has been going on for the last 12 years with Mrs. Nirmala as the instructor and recently painting and embroidery classes also started with Kamala as the instructor. at the same place.

Nirmala - Tailoring instructor
Mrs. Martha with a student

Some of the women students coming to the classes are drop outs from school because of the family financial situations. Few are housewives who are in need of work to support their families.

 Same students for both tailoring and embroidery classes.  Women almost at the end of the training course.

Women started making hand work and painting on sarees for sale.

Giving enough time for the class is also difficult thing for them since they have to work for their living. Working besides learning gives them some income and also enough practice for their future business.

Kamala(instructor) to the right with the students


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