Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Medical centre in Martur town.

Medical support specially started for Granite workers since Martur town is famous for Granite factories.  There are many people all over the country who are working in this factories as daily workers and they have their colonies beside the factories.

Shoshana started medical help for these workers in the year 2005  at Adarsh nagar and we had the centre in this area till 2011. Government started a primary health centre in the same area with a regular nurse so the society people moved to another needy area where there is need first aid centre.

Mrs.Mumtaz is the present nurse in Shoshana medical centre, Martur.. So far she is running the centre at her home since there is no permanent accomadation for the centre.

Lately the local society who is supporting Shoshana made temparory arragement for running the centre in a local school for sometime but very soon they are  planning to build a small room for the centre.

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