Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Medical project at NTR colony, Sai nagar, Chirala.

Mainly weaver's colony.

We had a medical centre at Weaver's colony, Epurupalem since2006 but one year back it was moved to a different needy colony in Epurupalem.

Keeping in view the medical need for the weaving community, Shoshana made an extension of the medical support to Sai nagar, Chirala.
 Buela rani , the nurse from Epurupalem medical project is taking care of the centre at Sai nagar, Chirala besides her regular work.
Regular medical help at Sai nagar area started from Sep-2103. The councellor from the local area alloted one room for the medical centre.

Room is quite  sufficient for the first aid help. Buela rani is a well experienced nurse and if necessary she could as well respond to emergency cases and help the people to get necessary treatment.

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