Wednesday, June 8, 2022

 Shoshana Sewing Project - Chilakaluripet

Summer slowly started fading away. Had first rains at a few places already. Waiting for the monsoon to come soon after the scorching heat. All the sewing projects had a brief  summer break and  resumed their work except for  the medical projects which are open all year long.

Chilakaluripet is surrounded with hilly areas  with lot of  stone crushing plants and pulses and cereal fields. The women who join the sewing class mostly come from agricultural background or daily workers in these stone crushing plants.

Here are a few pics from the Shoshana sewing project, Chilakaluripet. The present group is going to have their sewing training certificate very soon.The present group started a year back, due to Covid, the instructor as well as all the women got effected so the course duration took more than the usual time.

The instructor Mrs. Sumathi is one of our best instructors so far. She is a hands on trainer and see that each women makes the best use of the class. She has a well organized schedule for the sewing class.  Each one of the student has a proper map with miniature samples along with measurements  which they keep with them as a reference. Simultaneously they do the actual models which they use it for themselves or disturb to the needy people around their area.

Interested women after finishing the sewing class,  join the embroidery and painting class which is also available at the centre.

Instructor Sumathi

I Thank all the donors who are continuously supporting us to keep up the good work.

Monday, April 18, 2022

 CDS-Shoshana Sewing Project - Angalakuduru

Sharing a few pictures from the present group of women at the Sewing project - Angalakuduru village who are about to finish their sewing class in a couple of months. The project was temporarily closed for a few months last year due to the corona effect. The entire area was under red zone.  Majority of the students and the instructor was effected. Because of the after effects of corona virus, the instructor couldn't maintain the centre for a while.  Now it is revived again and going on smoothly.

The present group of women, all of them come from agricultural backgrounds. Most of them are housewives and part time agricultural workers. Sewing class would give them an alternate income source. They could work from home ,provided with a machine. Stitching a blouse would get them around 250 to 300 rupees per piece. If they could at least manage to stitch 2 pieces per day that would be a good start up for them to support their families.


Saturday, April 2, 2022

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana  Sewing Project - Gannavaram.

The very first group at Gannavaram Sewing project who finished their tailoring course.The group has five women who belong to a tribal community called Chenchulu. Different tribal groups of about 500 families are living in this area as a community.  Main occupation of these groups is rag picking, begging, selling plastic scrap, fishing etc. Child marriages, women abuse is very common here and children never enrolled in schools.

Local church people in this area came forward to offer their church premises for running the sewing centre and took initiative in meeting Cds-Shoshana and putting forward their request of helping the needy women in their area so that they could have a decent and  alternative income source instead of rag picking.

Finally the first group finished their sewing class after a five month training.  As a part of the course they got their certificates. As per the request of the women Shoshana provided sewing machines so that they could start working as asap.

Had a chance of interacting with the women to find out their future plans and encouraged them to work towards a better living. Closed the meeting with a small celebration with some friends , instructor Mrs. Malleswari and the group.

Finally I thank all the donors who are continuously supporting Shoshana for helping these needy women for a better living.

Monday, March 14, 2022

 Shoshana Computer Centre, Guntur.

Shoshana started a computer centre for needy boys and girls in the year 2015 with the active co-operation and participation of a local society. Shoshana has sponsored for the start up and it is completely  operated by a local society.

Besides having regular paid students the management is also taking in a few needy boys and girls , around 5 students as a group teaching them for free.

Offering  one month certification courses  like photoshop, 2D and 3D Animation for school and under graduation students.

Mr.Chandra is the Instructor

Graphic designing and Web designing for Graduation and post graduation students which would be around 3 to 4 months duration.

Also teaching how to do you tube promotions, editing and giving voice overs which would help the students to make money by working from home.

Students are given certificates after finishing the courses and also helping them to get placed in some organizations.

Friday, March 4, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Project, Johnpet, Chirala.

Medical help for a backward community on the outskirts of Chirala. People  here are mostly daily workers in agricultural fields. 

Our main focus is on helping the needy older people here who are mostly diabetic and high blood pressure patients. Providing basic medication along with the diabetic and blood pressure medicine for those who can't afford it. 

Having a regular nurse in this area helps them to get the checkups done from time to time.

The nurse Mrs. Prasanna comes from the same area and she has the prior experience of working at one of our Medical Projects for quite some years now. She is taking care of both the projects.  

Some pics from  around the locality of the Med Project.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

 Shoshana Sewing Project, Chenchula colony, Gannavaram 

Sewing Instructor - Malleswari

Started recently with the initiative of a local society for the  tribal women. The colony is close to Vijayawada airport.

For generations, these tribal people are into begging, hunting, fishing and rag picking    . People move from one area to another looking for work. They live in  colonies with temporary shelters where ever they go. It is a big colony of 500 families of three different tribal communities. Child marriages and women abuse is common. Children never enrolled in schools.

Some organizations who work for backward communities are trying to get them permanent housing facility from the Government. Encouraging children  going to school. We from Shoshana, offered   free sewing classes for needy women so that they could have an alternate work for their living besides their regular occupations.

A local church allowed them  to use their premises for the sewing class  . Started with a group of five women . 

Seeing the interest of the women, we would like to continue for a few more classes in this area. Providing with a sewing machine after the class and see that they have their own small business is for future plan.


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Centre,  Tadiparru village, Guntur District.

Recently there is a change in the area, for those who follow the blog. Before the first aid centre was at the village community centre,located at the Church compound for almost 10 years. The village elders gave the community hall for the medical services but now the community needed the room back for other welfare activities so now it is moved to Ambedkar nagar area, Tadiparru.

Few pics from the area:

As usually giving out  all the basic medication. Besides that keeping the Covid med available for mild symptoms.

Nurse - Sukhaveni

Of course there are lot of covid positive cases around the area but majority of the people are not scared compared to the previous variants. Seeing the situation, it looks more like a common flu. It is getting cured in a week's time with home quarantine and basic medication. Unlike the previous years, staying in the hospital is also not necessary unless  there is severity.

Agricultural workers coming back from work. Good to see happy faces.

 Shoshana Sewing Project - Chilakaluripet Summer slowly started fading away. Had first rains at a few places already. Waiting for the monsoo...