Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visit to Shoshana medical centre, Railway area, Chirala.

One of the recently started medical project where there is utmost need for medical support. One of the slums in Chirala town on the outskirts.

The people here are more like outcasts and generally nobody  wants to go to that area.  Mostly ragpickers and rickshaw pullers living in very unhygienic conditions.

Ofcourse we are familiar with the people there since we have our medical centre there but still people are kind of wild as they are alchoholics and drug addicts with criminal background.

 Local pastor is very much interested in this area to bring change in these people and with the help of his friends he is doing some activities which are useful for the people.

In this process he met Shoshana to provide medical aid in this area and now we are able to set up a place where they get medical help and for conducting church on Sundays.

The nurse Ms.Lavanya joined her recently. She is single  and she has many years experience as a nurse in a NGO before and now she is working for Shoshana besides running her own clinic.

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