Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our visit to two medical projects on 10/9. One is at Swarna village and second one at Karamchedu village.

Raju is the nurse. He is the only male nurse among all our medical projects. Before he is only at Chirala med projects but lately he also took up the responsibility of medical support at Swarna village.

The medical centres are open to all the people  and the treatment is mostly open so both men and women, they gather around the nurse while the treatment is going on .

It was funny, a woman needed injection and Raju was giving it through her sari.  Not very sterile but sometimes happens.

Lately many of the people at the medical centres are asking for diabetic and blood pressure medication. Depending  on the possibility, we are planning to provide extra budget for the centres inorder to get the medication available to the patients.

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