Saturday, October 24, 2015

Visit to Angalakuduru Sewing project and Tadiparru medical project.

Pics from Medical Centre, Tadiparru and Sewing Centre, Angalakuduru

We have limited time to visit all the projects so yesterday we went to three projects in a row.  We are almost towards the end of the visit schedule. One more week to go but this time with a group of donors coming all the way from Germany.

Few pics from Med-Centre, Tadiparru.

Nurse Mrs.Sukhaveni at the centre

Pics from Sew-Centre, Angalakuduru village

Instructor, Mrs. Krishnaveni with her new group of women

These women are from agricultural background. Angalakuduru is famous for lemon and banana plantations so most people work in those fields. These women are mostly school drop outs or just finished their school, housewives. They hope this training program would definitely give them a chance for their self help.

These women started only two months back but first they want to learn blouse stitching and saree petticoats which is usually at the end of the course.These are the main models they are going to stitch for their living so they are more interested to learn them in the beginning.

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