Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Railway area, Chirala.

Pics from Health centre, Railway area, Chirala.

One of the slum areas of Chirala. Mostly Rag pickers, collecting plastic, iron bits and other stuff from waste and bring it to the scrap shops for money. Each family has more than five children and they are the main earning source for them. They take children along with them to collect waste.

 People collect dead animals from the railway tracks and sell their bones. This place is convenient for them for their activities. Even though the town is developing, these people are still living in very unhygienic and backward conditions. The people here are care free, away from the society and some how wild looking.

 Different N.G.O's are helping them to get out of their situation like providing free education, clothes and other basic necessities but still it takes time for them to get along with the society.

Shoshana started a part time Medical help in this area in 2010. The nurse Mr.Raju was taking care of this project but soon more patients are coming in so we decided to take a full time nurse here.
Ms. Lavanya is taking care of the people here.

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