Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shoshana sewing project, Raja rajeswari pet, Vijayawada.

Pics from Shoshana Sewing project, Raja rajeswari pet, Vijayawada.

New group of muslim women for the tailoring  and embroidery course. Illiterate, married women mostly housewives. Usually they are not allowed to go out to work so they are only doing the household work and taking care of the children.

Heard about the free sewing class from the previous students and they were interested to take the class. After finishing the class they want to  work from home, also try to get stitching orders from the local market and there will be a possibility for them to be independent as well as support their families.

 Srivani the instructor has been with Shoshana for the last 14 years. She was a teacher in a school before her association with Shoshana.

The centre is located in a backward area so  all her students are from a very needy background.
She is very good in hand embroidery so all her students learn both sewing as well as embroidery.

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