Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visit to Shoshana medical project - Karamchedu - Nov-12

Our visit details and pics of Shoshana medical center and the surrounding area at Karamchedu village.

Karamchedu village is mainly an agricultural village and it is around 10km away from Chirala town. The place where we have our medical support is called Ambedhkar colony where all the backward people live like road sweepers, cleaning open drainages, field workers, rickshaw pullers etc.

Shoshana giving medical support in this area started in the year 2011 with a regular nurse ( Prasanna ) giving first aid help.

The nurse Prasanna is also working for Shoshana at Swarna village so half day she is at Karamchedu village and half day at Swarna village. People are happy with her services.

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