Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Visit to Shoshana medical Project in Epurupalem

Shoshana medical project in Epurupalem  recently moved from weavers’ colony to Christian pet. Pics showing in and around the medical project.

Buela rani is the nurse.  Well qualified and has good experience of working in famous hospitals. She has been the incharge of our medical project for the past five years.

The medical project is recently changed from weavers’ colony since majority of the weavers decided to leave their traditional work and search for other jobs since it is getting difficult for them to earn enough income for their living.  Only the ones who own the weaving unit are getting richer but the common weaver who is working on daily wages has not enough  money to support their family so most of them are migrating to other places in search of jobs so Buela rani had not enough work in that area.

Medical project is recently shifted to her own house
which is in Christian pet and which also a very needy
area with majority of illiterate people who are daily workers.

Since Rani is living in the same house she will be available to the people all the time and she
could as well take in patients if necessary like for infusions.
People in this area are very happy to have the regular medical support under the good
maintenance of the nurse.

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