Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prasadha nagaram and railway area medical project

Pictures of the nurse Jaya Raju working at two medical projects.

Prasadha nagaram - One of the developing area in Chirala town but still having needy people for medical support among the well off people.

Second medical project is near the Chirala railway station .

With the help of a few local donors, society members who take care of this area were able to build a small room for the medical centre where the nurse Jaya raju could arrange the medical equipment.

The most needy slum in the town. People are very backward. No proper houses, illterally living on roads amidst the cementary in a very unhygienic surroundings. People are very poor rag pickers and coolies. Men are mostly alchoholics and drug addicts where as women are prostitutes.

 Chirala railway station in a close distance.
 Cementary beside the village of hope.
Rag pickers and coolies

Migrated people from different states living in temporary huts.

 Children in need of vitamins, medication for cold and cough and for skin problems.

Shoshana along with other NGO's from Netherlands adopted this area to provide basic facilities to them like clothing, utensils and medical support.

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