Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr.Berny's visit to Bapatla Sewing Project

My visit to Bapatla Sewing Project along with Dr.Berny.

Shoshana Sewing centre, Bapatla is the nearest sewing centre we have from Chirala town. Manjula rani the tailoring instructor invited us to see her students working and showed us the products they were making for sale.

Manjula rani recently completed her 10 years of working experience with Shoshana. She has good experience of teaching at different places from Khammam to Vijayawada and then to Bapatla. So far in this 10 years she helped more than 90 women for their self help.

Manjula explained the different types of painting and embroidery patterns and also the products the students were making for sale.

Dr.Berny shared a good interaction with the students and manjula's family regarding their working experience and their future goals to achieve.

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