Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pics of Sewing and Embroidery class in Vijayawada.

The instructor here is Mrs. Srivani, aged 60. She is the senior most among all our instructors. Her husband is a retired train station master. She has 4 daughters and all are married and settled with their husbands at different places. Srivani is staying with her husband. She worked as a teacher in a primary school before joining Shoshana. She is a tailor and has been training needy women even before started working with Shoshana. In 2001 she started working with Shoshana and for the past 10 years she trained around 157 needy women for their self help.  Her husband is also very co-operative with her in maintaining the project.

Recently she bought a small house and shifted the sewing project  to the new place. She has 10 students right now.

Five each in morning and afternoon batches. I am posting the working pics of the present batch.

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