Sunday, November 13, 2011

Student’s Name: Sunitha

She is a Christian, married, aged 30yrs. She is  living in a single rented room with her family. She has one daughter studying 6th class and one son in 4th class. She is a very poor, illiterate women. Husband is also an illiterate daily worker in a welding shop. He earns about 200 hundred per day but doesn’t give a single paise for the household. He is an alchoholic and uses up all the money for his drinking. She is a victim of domestic violence. Family is in a very bad financial situation. 

Sunitha is working as a servant maid and cook in her neighbouring houses. With the little money she gets she is running the house, looking after her children and paying 600rupees rent for the room she is living. She is in such a bad situation that her husband even sold the door of her single roomed house for his drinking. It is more like an open house, with some of her belongings getting lost sometimes since the entire area is full of poor people.

One year back she joined in our sewing centre, Vijayawada in the free stitching class. She used the little leisure time she has for learning stitching and embroidery.She utilized most of the time in practicing and came out to be a very good student. She is at the end of the course and already started working on her own. 

Hemima , instructor at our Vijayawada sewing centre encouraged her, helps her for more practice and sometimes giving her work if she has any stitching orders from outside. This way also she is quite happy in earning more money than regular income she gets while still learning. She is quite confident now that she could be independent and look after her children quite well and if the situation demands that she had to leave her husband if she has more problems from him and goes on with her life in a much better way  than before.

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